• Have you struggled to eat raw when everyone around you is eating cooked food?


  • Have you wondered how on earth to prepare two different meals (or more) that everyone will love?


  • Have you wondered if you need to sacrifice or limit your raw food journey in order to keep your partner happy?


  • Have you felt trapped between caterpillar and butterfly and yearn to break free?

Whether you are new to raw or have been trying to introduce more raw foods to your diet, you may be wondering whether you’ll ever be at peace. You may have struggled with conflicting issues around opinions and beliefs of family and friends. You may have found it difficult to integrate raw foods harmoniously into a home in which cooked food is the norm. You may have been wondering if there is life beyond salads? You may have found yourself craving old cooked comfort foods which are still lurking in your kitchen. You may have met with resistance (or worse) from members of your family who do not share your passion for raw foods. You may find yourself struggling to know what and how to feed yourself and your family, meeting all their needs without spending hours in the kitchen, and find yourself having to make uncomfortable compromises.


As you may have already discovered, it is all too easy to revert back to the way the rest of your family is eating, but this often leads to feelings of confusion, frustration, maybe even resentment, that you are not eating the foods that you know will serve you in the best possible way.


If you are longing to stay true to yourself and eat the raw foods you love, but want to maintain harmony in the kitchen, there is a solution...

Are You Ready to Bring Raw Harmony to a Cooked Food Home?

Hello, My name is Lisa Simpson. I’m based in north of the UK, but I have clients worldwide. I live with my two gorgeous children Hannah, 16 and Alex, 11. Going raw was a personal journey for me – one not shared by my children or their father, who follow a standard UK diet.


Consequently, I have learned, through many trials and tribulations, how it is possible to stay true to yourself and live successfully raw in a cooked food home. With over five years of experience creating raw versions of cooked recipes I have discovered how it is possible to share a meal without having to compromise your raw spirit or raw diet.

Welcome to Raw Liberty!

Whatever conflicts you may have at home around your choice to go raw, to feel radiant and full of energy, and to discover your true inner being whilst maintaining harmony at home, I have a solution for you. You CAN have the freedom to live the life of your dreams.

I inspire and support women to set themselves free to be fully who they are through raw food and lifestyle.


If you’re ready to take this step, and commit to setting yourself free to discover your true self, keep reading. On this site you’ll find a wealth of recipes and information to get you started, but the best way to start is to GET my Free eBook ‘Create Your Raw Reality’ which you will receive just for signing up for my newsletter 'RawLiberty AtLarge! This will give you all you need to start you on your journey to Raw Liberty inside and out. (To sign up for my newsletter 'RawLiberty AtLarge' and claim your Free eBook, simply enter your address in the box at the top of the page.)


I am passionate about helping women like you go raw and stay raw while creating or maintaining harmony in a cooked food home.


I look forward to helping you discover Raw Liberty to be, do and have what you want and loving the journey all the way!


Love and Liberty,

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